Products that need a little extra time...

The majority of our products arrive at your door in a little under 7 days, give or take depending on the mail carrier. But, since all of our products are produced when you order them, some of them take a little longer to produce at the quality we expect and that makes their total handliang and delivery time a little longer.

There is an Express Shipping option at checkout that allows us to prioritize their production if you need them in under 2 weeks; but if you are able to wait then the shipping is free! 

Quality products take time to order, we aren't a drop shipping business. We are a company that believes in quality for your money. 

Here is a list of items that currently need 25-27 days from the time of ordering to arrive at your home with free shipping:


-All shoes

-20 oz tumblers WITHOUT straws ( not the skinny tumblers with stainless steel straws) 

-All Bedding

-Kids Hoodies

-All Microfleece products and all over print hoodies. Standard hoodies with print designs only on the front will arrive in our standard 7 day time frame. 

We believe in supporting other small businesses:)

Below you will find ads from other small businesses that we encourage you to visit. They have been placed here with our permission and we hope you patronize them as well! Big Corp has enough money, its time to buy small again:)