Collection: RicLu Kid's Shoes

Everything from slips on, to lace-ups, to sneakers and more! We are the only verified retailer for RicLu designs! Each RicLu shoe is handmade at the order because we think kids' shoes should focus on three very important things:

1. Foot Health: Children's feet are growing and developing, so the shoes they wear WILL shape their foot health. Injured tendons, repetitively rolled ankles, and poor arch support not only injure growing feet but place a strain on knees and backs as they grow. We handmake each pair as you order to ensure the utmost quality in manufacturing.

2. Comfort: Children do a lot of jumping, bouncing, running and other high-impact cardio daily during play. Our RicLu designs come with a super soft memory foam lining that ensure your little one stays comfy while having fun.

3. Style:....because c'mon...childhood is a one-way door of innocence and fun. So we capitalize on the joy in every design:)

We even offer a GOOD WEAR guarantee on all our RicLu shoes for the first 6 months. (See details here)

And with Buy Now Pay Later on all can you go wrong? :)


Due to the the on-demand nature of our shoe line, please allow 4-6 weeks from the time of purchase until delivery. Standard shipping is FREE!

Expedited shipping options available for an extra fee.