Community Scholarship Rules

Are you ready to change the world around you? Well, the change begins with YOU and your voice. Our Cycle 1 Limited Edition Tee is a perfect way to spark change.  PLUS, for every 5,000 sold we'll spark change on our end by raffling off two hundred $25 gift cards to local businesses plus a scholarship opportunity of up to $5,000!

In the unlikely event that less than 5,000 tees are sold in a cycle we will post the adjusted scholarship prize amount on our FB/Instagram. 



The only two requirements for being entered for the gift cards are:

  • Purchase the shirt
  • Like our FB (just hit the button below!)



Entry requirements for the scholarship involve

  • Purchase of the shirt
  • Liking our FB page
  • Following our Instagram
  • Submitting a 60 second Instagram Reel according to the theme for each cycle (explained in product page when purchasing the shirt). You must tag our Instagram page @bluechicoofficial and use the hashtag indicated in the product page in your Reel in order for it to count!  Make it funny or make it serious but just make it captivating and worth watching!
  • All videos must be uploaded by the date indicated on the product page and shirts must be worn in them.
  • Any video that receives 250 genuine likes/comments will be entered once in the scholarship drawing. Any video receiving over 500 genuine and unique likes/comments will receive two entries and any video hitting more than 1k genuine and unique likes/comments will receive 4 entries. Get your friends and family involved to raise your like /comment count! All winners will be chosen via lottery on date indicated on product page.

  • Profanity, Nudity and dangerous actions within the video will be an immediate disqualification, video must be appropriate for children under 18 to view. We will also be screening the validity of likes and comments. Anyone found buying likes and comments to increase their rank will be disqualified. Genuine and Unique mean that while you are allowed to have the same people comment multiple times on your video in order to raise exposure, only their first comment will count. For example, a person commenting 50 times on the video does not count as 50 comments but rather as 1 comment. It is not against the rules for your friends and families to comment more than once, we simply want you to be aware that those do not count more than once per person.




That depends on where you are in your education journey.

  • If you are already attending one of the colleges listed (IU Bloomington, IUPUI, Ivy Tech, ISU or Lincoln Tech) then we will pay your Bursar Account directly. We will also approve other colleges or universities that are accredited.
  • If you are under 18 and still in high school we will hold your scholarship in a private savings account for up to 5 years. It is your responsibility to reach out to us when you have been accepted into one of the colleges listed and we will pay them directly.
  • If you are over 18 and have already graduated high school but are not enrolled in any college listed, we will hold your scholarship in a private savings account for two years. It is your responsibility to reach out to us when you have been accepted into one of the colleges listed.


1. If I attend college and its already paid for, can I use the scholarship for living expenses?

Answer: Yes, in a way. If you can provide evidence of the financial assistance that you have already received and a list of the living expenses, you would like to use the scholarship for then we will consider your request. Living expenses such as rent will be paid directly to your landlord. Living expenses such as gasoline or food will be provided by way of gift cards. If you are a working parent and need daycare expenses paid so that you can attend school, we will very much consider paying your daycare provider with the funds.


2. Why can't you just give me the cash? Why do you have to pay the school/other directly?

Answer: Because this provides control over the scholarship. We are interested in making funding education easier and our scholarship fund has a tax liability, so we need to provide a paper trail proving that we gave the funds out as described within the contest. Absolutely no checks will be written directly to any recipient for cash.


3. What kind of savings account do you hold the scholarships in for people not yet enrolled?

Answer: It is a private savings account under our business name. No one has access to it but us and your scholarship will be held for the amount of time indicated based on where you are in your educational journey,


4. What happens to the scholarship money in the savings account if I am not enrolled by the time required?

Answer: In most cases the money will be recycled into the scholarship fund for others to obtain. If there are extreme circumstances that have prevented you from enrolling, please reach out to us and let us know. We very much want you to have the money for education. We will consider your request to lengthen the waiting period of enrollment on a case-by-case basis. We cannot make any promises of how long the extension will be and we will not extend the waiting period more than once.


5. What is the age requirement for the gift card/scholarship contest?

Answer: For the gift card contest there is no age requirement. Anyone can win! For the scholarship contest we require the applicant be at minimum 9th grade level. With that stated, there is NO age cap. If someone age 65 wants to return to school they are very welcome to enter the contest as well!


6. Can I give my scholarship to someone else?

Answer: Yes and no. If you win the scholarship and your waiting period passes without you being able to use it then yes, you may transfer it to someone else. If you win the contest and simply want to gift it immediately to someone else, then yes you may as well. HOWEVER, you may not gift your scholarship to another winner in order to "double up" on scholarship money. While you are not prohibited from winning the contest more than once (by participating in the next cycles) you are not allowed to use someone else's scholarship winnings on top of your own. This is one of the ways we keep the contest fair and another reason we do not write out checks to individuals.


7. Can I participate for my child and place the money in my College Choice 529 Education Savings Plan?

Answer: Yes you may! We will make the donation directly to the account for tax purposes. 


8. Can I use the money to pay down existing student loans?

Answer: Yes, you may! We will make the donation directly to the student loan account for tax purposes. 


9. Can I use the money to go to school online?

Answer: It depends. If the school you are enrolled in is recognized as an Accredited University, then we will consider it and pay the school directly.


10. Can I use the money to buy a car if transportation is an issue for schooling?

Answer: No, we are sorry we cannot allow that as an option for scholarship funds. As stated above in question #1 we are willing to consider help with certain living expenses once the tuition is paid for but unfortunately transportation is not an allowable expense since online schooling and public transportation are readily available in the Bloomington and Terre Haute, IN area.


11. What if my year's tuition is less than the scholarship amount? Can I cash out the rest?

Answer: No, we are sorry we cannot allow that as an option for scholarship funds. We will gladly pay for books in addition to the tuition and add the rest to your Bursar Account for future tuition. No checks will be written for cash to any recipients and the remaining unused scholarship funds on the Bursar Account cannot be cashed out.


12. Do I need to be pursuing a degree or can I use the Scholarship funds to pay for fun/extracurricular classes not related to my degree (photography, ceramics, etc.) or even remedial classes for a license I have that's outdated, such as a teaching license?

Answer: As long as you are enrolled in a college, you can use the money to pay for the classes. We are not concerned with what you are taking.


13. Can I use the money to pay for my on campus living such as a dorm or sorority/fraternity?

Answer: No, we are sorry we cannot allow that as an option for scholarship funds, UNLESS your tuition is already paid for, in that case you may be allowed to use the scholarship for on campus living. We will pay the landlords directly. If your tuition is not paid for then the scholarship will be utilized for that first. No checks for cash will be written to any recipient.


14. Can I win more than once?

Answer: Yes! We use a tiered lottery system to ensure fairness in the competition, so repeat winners are possible but not exactly probable. Meaning that someone who has a huge Instagram following cannot monopolize the contest to win repeatedly since the most entries they may earn each cycle is only 4 when they hit more than 1k likes/comments. For example, someone with 2M followers could probably easily receive over 500k likes and comments on a video whereas someone with only 500 followers could barely pull in the minimum 1k needed for the highest entry count. BUT, both of these videos would each still only receive 4 entries via our rules and regulations. So, the person with the 500 followers is just as likely to win twice as the person with the 2M followers. So, yes, you may win more than once, its just as possible as the first time you won!


15. How will I know if I won the Scholarship or a Gift Card?

Answer: We will mail all gift cards to the recipients using their mailing address and will also list them on our FB page (reason you have to be following it!). We will also announce our scholarship winners there as well and will mail out an intake form for the recipient to fill out in order to receive the scholarship. This form basically is just asking about where you are in your education journey and how or when we need to apply the scholarship funds for you.