Community Scholarship Tee

Wouldn't it be cool if you could simply buy a shirt and get entered into a $5,000 Scholarship contest to area colleges AND bag a chance to score a free gift card to area small businesses with NO ACADEMICS required?

Well look no longer, your chance is here:)

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Blue Chico has launched a Limited Edition Collector's Tee Line ready to sell  FOUR TIMES A YEAR with designs rotating through cycles that will NEVER be repeated and will only be available for 21 days each cycle. This means that if you miss a design, you miss it FOREVER because we will never reopen it; making our designs truly Limited Edition!
But who really cares about our shirts when you can
just buy a shirt at Walmart??
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 Well, if you're struggling to pay for college, you should BECAUSE:

We actively plan to use the sales from those shirts to generate these TWO AMAZING COMMUNITY CASH FLOWS:



 With each cycle sold we are PROUDLY PROVIDING:

1.Scholarship opportunities made available to EVERYONE who buys a shirt, regardless of your income/academics or other common scholarship requirements. (read our FAQs on this here)

Just buy a shirt and you're already halfway in! The second half of the scholarship entry is an Instagram Reel related to the theme for each cycle. This theme, and its regulations, will be explained in the product page for each cycle (see them here ). If you are struggling academically you don't have to sweat it with this Scholarship Contest because we know Life is hard and hits differently for every student, that's exactly why we created this opportunity. We believe every student deserves a chance at a scholarship, even if their academic history is a little less than perfect. 




ANSWER: We are currently offering scholarships to IU Bloomington Campus, IUPUI, IVY Tech, ISU and Lincoln Tech and any other accredited College or University*

Please visit our Scholarships Page by clicking here for all the extended info:)

*IU, IUPUI, Ivy Tech, ISU and Lincoln Tech are not affiliated with this scholarship program and do not in any way endorse it. We are an independent company offering this scholarship opportunity


2. Gift cards to area merchants in Bloomington/Terre Haute and surrounding area.

We believe in small businesses, and we are GIVING BACK with this tee! So when you buy a Limited Edition Tee from us you are automatically entered in a raffle drawing for a gift card from  a Btown/Surrounding Areas small business. You don't have to do a thing. Yes, once again, when you purchase the tee your name is automatically entered in the gift card drawing, regardless of whether or not you are interested in a scholarship! If you win, we will mail the gift card to the shipping address provided in your purchase. Super easy, PLUS you get a trending shirt to wear! This is an EXCELLENT way for the community to support this scholarship opportunity; because every purchase raises the scholarship funds available for area students. The more shirts we sell each cycle, the more scholarships we give out and the more small businesses we can support!  

We will be purchasing gift cards from local small businesses such as (but never limited to!)

  •  Mother Bears Pizza
  • The Irish Lion
  • Trojan Horse
  • Uptown Cafe
  • Osteria Rago
  • Big Woods Bloomington
  • Samira Restuarant
  • Buffa Louie's
  • The Owlery Restuarant
  • O Child Boutique
  • Once Upon a Child
  • Ellie Mae's Boutique
  • Sahara Mart
  • Molly's Foods Unique
  • And any others YOU add to our list!
We believe in SMALL businesses, so our Limited EditionTees will benefit only small businesses! No Big Corp gift cards here. Sorry Target, we do love ya but we've gotta give the small businesses starting out all our attention on this one!




Every cycle sale of these Limited-Edition Tees

does a myriad of amazing things:

  • It benefits the community as we pump our sales back into small businesses.
  • It gives you a much higher spot at a scholarship than the wide majority of scholarship opportunities.
  • It gives you the opportunity ach cycle to own a Collector's Item that will be authentic and able to gain value in the years to come (think 20 years from now when you own 1 of only a few thousand printed in the whole US!)!


  1. They are based in Bloomington or at the least Indiana. If they are not based in Bloomington they must be willing and able to ship their products. We are not sponsoring out of state small businesses at this time.
  2. They are not part of an MLM or Direct Sales. We don't have anything against MLM sales, truly we don't! We just want to avoid sending these sales back to Big Corp and unfortunately those working under MLM only keep a small percentage of their sales. We will gladly advertise their MLM or Direct Sales on our site, under our affiliates tab, for a reduced fee of $5 a month in order to help their foot traffic but we simply cannot utilize the gift card program for them at this time.
  3. They must have either a local storefront or a webpage. A physical retail location is NOT required, but they will need an online storefront for us to consider them. We will gladly support all the small businesses working out of their home! 
  4. They are NOT selling anything that requires you be 18/21 or older to purchase such as: pornographic imagery, tobacco, alcohol, sex toys/products or any products pertaining to recreational drugs. There are high schoolers participating in this program and we need them to be able to visit any small businesses involved should they win a gift card.
  5. They have an EIN number ( they are free! Get one here) simply so that we can track all our donations for tax purposes. Even at home businesses can get one of these and we encourage you to get one because as your sales grow with the help of this program so will your tax liability: which is a good thing, it means you are making money:)

 If you have a Small Business to submit to us please send it to us here






 Its super simple. The second cycle is OPEN and will close July 31st, 2022 so GO GET YOUR SHIRT and start thinking about your video if you are entering the scholarship contest!

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