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The Big Book of Thyroid Secrets Doctors WON'T TELL YOU

The Big Book of Thyroid Secrets Doctors WON'T TELL YOU

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Have you been told just to take a hormone pill to  lose weight even though your body holds onto every pound? Are you finally tired of joint pain, hair loss, fatigue you can't sleep off and feeling decades older than what you actually are?



Guess what? Big Pharm has all the answers to these questions, but they won't tell you because THEN they would lose money on you. YOU HAVE BEEN LIED TO SO THAT THEY CAN MAKE MONEY OFF OF YOU!

And you're desperate for answers to your health that seems to be spiraling.

They lied.

They are actual answers as to why your body feels like this.

There are scientific answers.

But Big Pharm NEEDS you to stay stupid about so that they can get the most money out of you as possible. 


All my life I have been overweight and all my life I have been insanely active and obsessed with salads, fruits and supplements.

Then in 2015 I lost my first baby. In 2016 I gave birth to my only living child and would go on to lose 4 more precious littles throughout the next 6 years.. In  2018 I was at my highest weight, my heart beat out of rhythm constantly, my body felt heavy in that sense that it felt like someone was pushing down on my shoulders all the time and I felt like I was swallowing a golf ball. I felt something in my throat. On top of this, I was always sick and had terrible plaque psoriasis. I drank Extra Caffeine Coffee every two hours and no matter how much I slept I could not fight the fatigue. I went to the doctor asking about my thyroid…they pulled my labs and said "You are in normal range, just cut back on the carbs. That’s just a nodule, completely harmless.” 🙄 This is a lie told to so many women.

But I was already eating healthy and my symptoms continued to worsen until that lump I was feeling had grown to the size of a golf ball and was bulging in my neck.

YES, bulging.

Long story short, I demanded to see a surgeon who would eventually remove a golf ball size that had turned into a parasitic cystic tumor. It had been sucking the hormones directly out of my thyroid. My “labs” were only normal because they did not pull the right labs. PLUS, this tumor was beginning to calcify, meaning I was on my way to developing thyroid cancer. This was all preventable but Big Pharm wasn't profiting off of me by preventing this life altering surgery.

YOU need this prevented.




Big Pharm WANTS you to have this surgery, but you can avoid it by following my guide.


If you are tired of being lied to, tired of being used as a  lab rat by Big Pharm and a money maker by Diet Culture then download this guide NOW! Its time you knew the truth.

Order And Get Instant Access!

What's Inside the Guide?

  • Over 100 pages of experience based help and the truth behind why your doctor will keep saying you are "normal" when you are clearly ill
  • Info on the PowerHouse Nutrients that FEED your thyroid and make it thrive
  • Information on how important your thyroid actually is, so that you understand how important feeding it actually is
  • Information on how to read a full thyroid panel
  • Over 40 PowerHouse nutrient recipes with REAL ingredients not weird ingredients. Ingredients you actually have in your home or buy already
  • Workout routines and schedules written specifically for your thyroid
  • Body Style Education
  • Supplement Advice
  • Body Image and why it affects your success
  • All the information you need to take control of your body starting at your thyroid, written by a woman who lives with only HALF her thyroid and has been exactly where you are

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