1,000 Frustrations

1,000 Frustrations

My mom has a humorous phrase she uses when she is overwhelmed. She always says "write on my tombstone that I died of 1,000 frustrations!" I always laugh at it, but she is 95% serious. 
Life is so overwhelming sometimes, or all the time, depending on how your perspective of the world is. There are bills to pay, kids to raise well, the lack of children you longed for, spouses to get along with, the desire for a spouse or the loss of one through death/divorce and just so many other things that weigh on our hearts as women.  

"And sometimes, its heavy; so heavy you feel like you can't breathe or even imagine tackling another day. If you feel like this, then know you are not alone. So how does a Proverbs 31 Woman deal with all these stressors?"

Well, in my own Life, I have come to realize it all really is about perspective.

I have always tried to see the best in everything, the bright side, the good....the blessing in the curse. Now, that does not mean I have never been depressed or so low I couldn't find joy. Yes, Life has hit me hard at times and left me speechless. But in the arms of Savior, who I have begged and pleaded with to show me kindness in those dark hours....I have found my strength and dignity to go on: gratitude.

Proverbs 31: 25 states about a Proverbs 31 woman "She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come."

Proverbs 31 strength and dignity

What does that mean to you? I'd love to hear in the comments below. To me it does not mean perfection or some foolish idea that future sadness will never hurt her....but rather it is gratitude for the blessings she has overlooked and confidence in the Lord that even as future heartache comes, so will future blessings. Its so easy to drown in sorrow, so easy. Life will always be hard, its the nature of it. But even in the hardness, you are never without blessings. For example: Are you struggling to pay your mortgage and now are facing foreclosure? Maybe the Homeless Shelter is the next place you and your children will end up. How very, very hard and sad, no argument there. But what truly is a house? A temporary shelter in this Life just as is the homeless shelter....and it can be replaced. Your children are there for Life and they can never be replaced. Shift your perspective to gratitude and you will find your strength and dignity. This will in turn give you the ability to laugh in the face of future heartache even as you brace for its impact through tears....because your sights will be set on the blessings. 

Speak up Woman, and Rise. Your strength and dignity awaits!

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