Why do we need books if we have phones and laptops?

Why do we need books if we have phones and laptops?

Its very simple.

Nothing can replace the process of reading a printed text when it comes to how your eyes and brain work. Nothing.

As an adult whose brain and eyes were trained to read from printed text before the age of technology took over you probably find it easy to scan the internet and social media pages for information...but guess what...your child does not. Sure they may navigate everything with ease but the process of learning to read on digital devices is NOT as healthy or beneficial as reading from printed text. It's a physiological thing!

Blue light, the high-energy visible light emitted by your digital devices, is interfering with your child's ability to learn well.

 “That light is so close to ultraviolet, which has been known to cause damage on the cells of the eyes for years now,”  Justin Bazan, an optometrist and medical adviser to The Vision Council says. “Preliminary research is showing that blue light, similar to UV light, can cause damage to the cells inside of our eye, and retinal cells produce vision.” Bright overhead lights can cause glare and increase the amount of blue light penetrating your eye, he adds.

"Avoiding blue light with a digital device that isn’t backlit, like the original Kindle, will help. But that still WILL NOT solve the problem of digital eye strain", Bazan says. "Reading a non-digital book—that’s ink on paper, if you need a reminder—provides our eyes with a pretty precise point of focus."

This is why filling your child's home with BOOKS rather than video games and smartphones is not archaic but futuristic in terms of launching us forward in the age of information. All that information on the internet means nothing if your child has very basic or even poor reading skills. They need good comprehension skills, and that comes from reading printed text where the brain and eye work together with minimal stress. Good comprehension skills build strong readers....strong readers become critical thinkers... and critical thinkers change our world for the better!

“When we look at ink on paper, our eyes know at what distance the ink and paper is and we can lock the focus on. Pixels on a screen, on the other hand, are varied points of focus and compete for our eyeballs, since a pixel is a hard target to hone in on, we see that our focusing system is always in a state of trying to find exactly where the pixel is. That constant focusing causes strain." (Dr. Bazan)

Haven't you ever gotten headaches after staring at your phone or had to rub your eyes after a long day on the computer? Imagine how your child feels after attending school all day on a screen. Their brain is developing still, add eye strain to that and you have the perfect formula to not like learning or school.

Give them BOOKS.


Our company, The Give Back Life, provides 50% back in FREE books when you open an online book fair and spend more than $250. That equals out to around 75 books plus over 30 FREE, that's a tremendous home library for way less than an iPad and with much longer-lasting benefits!

I know, I know...your mouth just dropped at that and you're getting ready to close this post, but stay! Maybe you don't need 105 books, maybe you only want 20 or so. That's a great start and WE SUPPORT THAT!  Hold your online e-fair when some other e-learning parents and change your child's e-learning experience for about as much as it would cost you to take them out to eat.

Still want the books but strapped for cash?

Dial up your child's principal and have a friendly chat about redirecting some funds into physical books for students to take home (now we're getting to the core of things), have those mom friends of yours do the same, get the PTO involved, write a letter to the school board...advocate for your child's education and you could change how your school system runs their e-learning experience! Not only will your child be equipped with an arsenal of physical books but I'll bet the teachers get involved and pick out some really great ones to go along with their e-learning lessons:)


Don't give up on your child's education just because our world is shifting, take a stand, and give them what they need to succeed. No matter how you do it, at the end of that book fair we will give you back 50% more books back FREE...any books, games, activities or puzzles you want! You just pick them out and we will ship them with your order. We will help you every step of the way so you never feel lost, that's our job:) And shipping is free when you choose one central shipping location.





With more than 1800 fiction, nonfiction, activity books, learning resources, and games you can take back your child's education and make learning EASY again.

Not interested in a book fair but still want books and maybe even some free ones? Just reach out to us on our website The Give Back Life and we will help you succeed!

Literacy is the core of all educational success, give your kids a fighting chance not a squinting, eye-straining and headache-inducing chance:)

Check out our book catalog HERE to get started then send us an email to get started. EMAIL: buildyourhomelibrary@gmail.com




*blue light information source Time Magazine 2016


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