Raise GOOD Humans!

Raise GOOD Humans!


We got the next generation to raise!

We hold a unique power to change the future in HOW we mother. The words we say, the way we describe our kids, the way we talk about other kids around the dinner table, what we post on social media (those little eyes are watching 24/7), how we function day in day out....all of that is the voice that raises your child.

Raise them well.
Teach them these things:


 My child's talents and abilities do not define your child's failures when they do not share the same abilities and vice versa.

If you are guilty of shaming a child into doing as well as little Sally or Johnny every time they fail then answer me this: Why aren't you a millionaire or rocket scientist by now instead of some teacher/cashier/stay at home mom or union worker? Huh, why aren't you rich too? You don't look rich and I reeeeaaallly think you could have tried harder. Why aren't you "as good" as all those successful people in this world? Got an answer for me? No? Well, I know why you don't... 🥺 Kind of hurts to be judged like that doesn't it? You fully realize you aren't on the same path as those people and yet you ARE successful in your own Life but even with your own successes, here I came making you feel like a failure.💔 It stings doesn't it? That even though I never said it, I still implied you might have been "stupid" or "less than" as I compared you to others, right? Well, guess what. That's how your kid feels when their best happens to not look the same as someone else's best and you shoot them down. Shame on you. 😠 Go hug that child and tell them you are proud of their best, whatever it looks like. Again, shame on you.


 My child's struggles are not a victory for your child's abilities and vice versa.

Oh, so you're the Mom who quietly tells your child "You are so smart, little Susie over there isn't half as smart as you are.." in hopes that it will build them up, right? Oops...wrong. 🤷‍♀️ What you are doing is creating a two-fold disaster of a human being. Not only will your child's ego inflate so quickly that they'll see every relationship as an opportunity to be the better and the best there is...but you'll make failing a fear. A fear so big that their insecurity will be the hot air that inflates that ego you grew for them. They will live in constant fear that if they don't perform well then you might see them the way you see little Susie whom you said wasn't very smart...and no child wants their parents disappointed do they? 😢But failing is the way we grow and succeed, its how we learn. Babies would never learn to walk if they didn't fall down a hundred times first. Failure is a good thing!!💪 Don't make failure a bad thing to a child. Do you do that? Well, knock it off.🙄 Let the kid fail and when they do congratulate them for being brave enough to try whatever they failed at then help them fix it.

My child's skin and hair are not prettier than your child's and vice versa.


How terribly unfair to a child to make them believe something as far out of their control like genetics can define their beauty. I'm not saying you can't compliment another child but let's just state the obvious that unfortunately is NOT obvious....weight and body aspects are not wise ways to compliment someone, especially a child. Do NOT compliment a child on how little they weigh compared to another child. Tell them you like their backpack, shirt color, shoes, hair ribbons, glasses, dress, style of jeans...all those things your child can experience as well. But don't use body shape or size as a compliment OR an insult, that just sets your child up for poor body image once you start comparing them to others. Choose to ignore me on this and you'll either have a morbidly obese adult child one day or a bulimic/anorexic one....ask any adult in those categories where their body image issues started and they will take you back to a childhood moment where an adult used their body as a marker for beauty or ugliness. How you speak to a child about their body sets the tone for how they view it for the rest of their lives.

My child's timeline of development has ZERO, let me type that again for those of you not paying attention, ZERO to do with your child's timeline of development.

Why? Because they have two different sets of genetics, live in two different households, eat different foods, have different parents, possibly speak different languages, have different health issues, different daily routines....are you getting it yet? They are different people entirely, so they ain't gonna take the same road in terms of development. Stop pushing your kids to "catch up" with everyone when the poor babies aren't even walking the same road as everyone else. You're not thinking straight if you're pushing your child, you should be leading them as they develop, not pushing.

 Teach them to see color. To see gender. To see different cultures. To hear different languages. We need to see our differences and the struggles each difference creates in society in order to stay kind, respectful and non-discriminatory.

Do not teach your child that their struggles are more or less than others, but teach them that their struggles are unique to them just as the struggles of others are unique to them.
For example, a man will never understand the struggle of pregnancy and labor on a woman's psyche just as a woman will never understand the emotional struggle that exists for a man to forever be on the outside of such a physically close bond created between mother and child. Both struggles revolve around the same child but they are two very different and unique struggles. A good parenting relationship doesn't say "My struggle means more than yours!" but rather "I will never understand how you feel, but the fact that you struggle is as important to me as my own struggle is. We're in this together". That is the kind of respect we have to teach our children to have for each other. Mommas, we gotta raise these kids to respect the other humans they share the world with or we're gonna destroy each other a little bit more with each generation.

So, please, WAKE UP today, 2020 is nearly half over and what a year its been already. If we've learned anything let it be the power we have in changing our nation's future one small child raised at a time.

Do this right Mommas, raise good and healthy minded humans! ♥️

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Let's do this together!


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