#FurMom for the win!

#FurMom for the win!

This Beautiful Day I am grateful for God's Wisdom in creating animals not just as part of the Food Chain/Life Cycle but as companions to us Humans.

Not everyone sees animals as companions, but anyone who has ever found a friendship outside of the human race knows exactly what I am talking about. Also, I would guess that those of you who do not see animals as companions would be pleasantly surprised by the fidelity God placed in animals for mankind.

People argue and Scientists debate, but I am convinced God created animals with emotions outside of their primal instincts. You've probably seen the viral posts of dogs grieving for dead owners, dolphins who carry dead young to bury at sea and elephants who greet familiar humans with affection after years of not seeing them. Those emotions are not primal, they are ones we share with them: grief/closure/longing.

These are also emotions we often go through alone because they are deep and difficult to process. They shake our safe foundation and often disable us. Reaching out to another human makes us feel even more vulnerable for fear that judgement will come. 😪

To me it appears that an all knowing God would foresee this dilemma and not only place animals under our authority but give them the ability to comprehend some of our deepest emotions as well.

Some argue against that saying "God made animals to eat! Not make friends with!"


I agree to a point. 

I do enjoy bacon quite a bit and therefore don't want to friend any pigs because it would mess with my head🥓😂...On the flip side, there are plenty of animals that see YOU as simply dinner and not a companion...even though you have the ability to befriend them.😎

Think about it, just because you go to hug a Grizzly Bear and he decides to make you into a tasty snack instead of a buddy does not diminish your OWN ability to understand emotion. It just means the bear was hungry and you were stupid. 😶🐻🤣

 Maybe the Bears are all sitting around thinking how stupid it is that dogs don't eat you given that you are nothing more than a walking/talking 4pm snack. 🤷‍♀️

Proverbs 12:10 says " The righteous care for the needs of their animals, but the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel."

This scripture says to me that God intends for us to not just eat animals and kick them aside without care ( Shout out to all the vegan/vegetarians! I know you're reading this, I am not saying you have to eat bacon, although it is pretty yummy🤗 ) but instead care for them respectfully.

He calls those who care for their animals "righteous". That's a pretty upstanding compliment for the Almighty. So He takes caring for animals preeeetttty seriously.

So why would He care so much about us tending to next week's dinner or the flea ridden beast laying around our property? Because He made them as your emotional support when mankind lets you down. ♥️ He made them to understand you when no one else wants to.

My dogs have seen me through so many tears, laughter and worry. They are never shy about giving me affection. In my single years when relationships would fail and my bank account was drying up, Ricci and Lucy were faithful to lay curled up on my bed with me as I cried...for hours. I very often would wake up with both of them nestled up against my my face where they had tried to comfort me. I lived alone. There was no human to lean on. These dogs helped me make it day by day. They understood my deepest emotions and were my best companions.♥️ In fact, even though I am no longer single, they are still the ones I run to hug when Life goes sour. They never make me feel less than like humans do.

Let's just face it.
We humans are jerks.

We are. We talk about each other, cut each other down, snob one another, are jealous of one another, we kill/rob/cheat and take advantage of one another. Its very hard to find a human confidant sometimes.....God knew that. So he made dogs🥰 (and horses/pigs/birds/mice/guinea pigs, etc) to be with us when humans let us down.

Animals have the capacity to be faithful companions and for that I am extremely grateful today.

If you have an animal companion, drop a selfie with them below, I'd really love to see them or grab our #FurMom tee (pictured below) and wear it proudly!♥️🐾

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