Your Voice Matters!

Your Voice Matters!



Thanks for finding this post! Today this blog takes its Constitutional Right to speak on all things spiritual. Today we are talking about "Do you even matter down here?"

The short answers are yes and no. Yes, you matter and no you don't.

You likely do NOT matter to the strangers you've never met and sadly enough to the leaders in charge of you. Yes, a whole community of you matters when it comes to taxes and laws, but those leaders do not have the human capacity to know you all by name, know your interests or lose sleep over the heartache in your life. On a professional level your existence matters, but on a personal level it simply does not.

However, to the God of the Universe, you DO matter....and not just on a professional level of creating billions of humans each day while overseeing the deaths of millions more and making sure the galaxies do not come crashing into each other every single second of the day....but on a very personal and human level of knowing your life right down to the impossibly small details.

Did you know that He knows and cares about you SO personally that He knows every time your hair falls out or grows back in? Matthew 10:30-31 tells us:

"And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered, so do not worry because you are worth more than many sparrows".

Did you read that? Read it again. You matter SO much to Him that He takes time to notice the tiniest details of your Life. Did you lose hair in the shower today? God took notice. Did you end a marriage today? God took notice. Did you bury a loved one and grieve so deeply you weren't even sure how to breathe anymore? God took notice.

He took notice and He grieved with you, rejoiced, or journeyed along with you.

You matter to Him.
More than all the wildlife on this earth that He continually cares for. More than the heavens that He spins and keeps balance everyday. More than any other creation, You matter to Him.

The question of "Can I really know God?" is not an issue of Him being close to you because He is so interested in your daily Life that He keeps track of how many hairs you do or don't have....but its an issue of whether or not you are invested in knowing about Him.

Do you feel like you don't matter to anyone today? Well you may be partially might😢...there may not be any humans around you right now that you matter to....but The God who formed you wants you to know today that YOU DO MATTER TO HIM!

Find a time alone with no social media or TV and talk to Him. Just talk. No elaborate prayers needed because as you pour your heart out He will make His Heart known to you!! Your personal pain hurts Him too, never doubt that. Psalm 34:18 encourages us about this:

"The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit” (Psalm 34:18 NIV)"

So try talking to Him today, I guarantee you will feel your importance when in His Presence. 💜And if you ask Him to help you, He will lead you to a better group of humans where you will matter there as well, because unfortunately not all of us down here are kind enough to love unconditionally💔 but the kind ones do still exist and we do love you! You are always worth it, please never let any human being make you believe otherwise.

You Matter To God and you matter to ME, that's why I write these posts, in the hopes that even if you never react to them that you will at least read them and gain hope again. ♥️ And for all those humans who say you don't matter, shut them up with our MY VOICE MATTERS tee.

So have a Wonderful DAY!!!
You indeed matter!♥️💜


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