RicLu GOOD WEAR Guarantee


No shoe lasts forever, and even if you keep shoes for years, they continue to break down with each use.  Each walk, jog or even a day out becomes more of an injury waiting to happen rather than an aide to good foot health if shoes are word past thier prime. 300 miles is the average HEALTHY lifespan of an athletic shoe made for daily use. Most people continue to wear them long after they've surpassed their prime...but then again we are back to the issue of good foot health and probably injuries to tendons and ankles. 


We don't want kids wearing bad shoes....so we make sure our RicLu designs hold up the ENTIRE 6 months it takes to grow out of them (based on typically childhood growth spurt patterns.) and to hit the 300 miles every good shoe should last! If our shoes malfunction in the any of the following ways, 6 months from date of delivery as provided by tracking number, we will prorate them with a new pair of the same size and style:

1. Sole detaches from the mesh lining ( pictures required)
2. Sole wears down and has no tread left on the ball of the foot, meaning the sole is completely smooth and creating a slip hazard for child. (pictures required)
3. Memory foam lining splits or breaks: Shoe must be sent in to confirm lining was not sent through a dryer or laundered. See below for washing and care instructions
We desire to create footwear that endures the fast paced 6 month growth spurt of a child, so if any of the above conditions apply with the first 4 months of the time period, we will replace the shoe with the same size and style as before. If product failure happens within the last 2 months of purchase we will offer you a replacement of the same size and style at a discount of 75% off. 
Any claims can be sent via the CONTACT US form.
Washing and Care Instructions:
RicLu shoes may be laundered in a washing machine on a gentle cycle with laces removed AND memory foam liner removed ( if applicable to the design). Please do not launder them with the liner in place, its made of high quality memory foam that is not meant to be exposed to dryer heat or tossed violently in the washer.. Failure to do this will shrink the memory foam lining and void the GOOD WEAR guarantee. Allowing them to arrive dry upside down overnight is always the best option as sending any shoe through a dryer can cause the dryer's drum wall to beat off balance.. We will not replace shoes with insoles that have been laundered.