Influencer Application

Thank you for stopping by!


Let us preface this by saying WE DO NOT CARE HOW MANY FOLLOWERS you have, what we care about is engagement; meaning likes and comments. Seeing profiles with 10K followers and only 20-30 engagements on each post is not a profile we can trust to sell our merch. We are looking for regular people with 1K or more engagement on their posts.

Do you have to be a celebrity or public figure? NO.

You can be:

  • A mom who loves posting about her kids
  • A college student who simply vlogs
  • A person with a hobby
  • Or just someone whose profile is about daily life.

If people are engaging with you then we want to hire you! 


BUT...we want whatever you're already doing to seamlessly fit into our influencing program. This means if you profile gets a lot of attention for, let's say planting flowers, then we need you to work our products in to a flower planting post or Reel seamlessly. While we DO want you to sell our merch, we never want you to make a cheesy selling post.


This is where YOU sell US