Hopkins County Fair Collector Tees $50 GAS CARD GIVEAWAY!

Get ready Hopkins County and Surrounding County Residents, your summer is about to get happier!


We here at Blue Chico have decided to become a vendor with the Hopkins County Fair to bring you Collector's Tees that not only build memorabilia and value from year to year but actually PAY YOU BACK in $50 GAS GIFT CARDS to wear them in THREE DIFFERENT WAYS!

(Buying lots of shirts all at once or just need help getting one? We offer NO INTEREST payment plans over six weeks with every purchase! YOU DO NOT want to miss this opportunity, utilize our payment options and get entered!)


HOW? Let's look at all the ways you can win this summer while making memories at the Fair:


1. This one is so simple. We're placing all purchasers of the Collector's Tees into a blind raffle for a $50 gift card. No sign up required, just a buy a tee:) We'll announce the winners after the fair is over on our social media page as well as the Hopkin's County Fair page and we'll mail your gift card right to the address where you had your tee sent. That's right, for every 30 tees sold we are raffling off one $50 gas gift card. That's better odds than the lottery! Buying for your whole household? Each tee is an entry, not each order; so if you order let's say 4 tees then you have 4 entries! The odds just keep getting better:) Plus you get a Limited Edition tee to keep!

All purchases through July 31st will be entered we STRONGLY encourage you to purchase your tees as soon as possible so we can get them printed and shipped to you in time for you to take advantage of the next two giveaway opportunities....

2. Love your social media? Instagram and Facebook? PERFECT! We're offering a second giveaway IN ADDITION to the original giveaway. (This does not replace the first giveaway of $50 gas gift cards and no social media is required for that.) We want to see you AT THE FAIR in your tee on Instagram and Facebook.

If we see your post tagging both us Blue Chico @bluechicoofficial and the Hopkins County Fair @hopkinscountyfair (FB) @hopcofair (Instagram) then we'll enter you in a secondary drawing for ANOTHER gas gift card!


Instagram Post


This drawing only applies to social media posts and each unique post is an entry! Meaning if you post on FB and tag us both that's one entry then head over to Instagram and tag us both again that's another entry. Two separate sites, two separate entries so maximize your chances and BE SURE TO FOLLOW EACH PAGE! (Bonus entries awarded to those special posters who go ahead leave positive reviews for both FB pages). This is a social media poster's dream! Imagine filling your gas tank just for posting. We can't wait to see your great poses!


3. We don't even know how much easier THIS one can get. Simply wear your tee and attend the fair on July 30th because WE WILL BE THERE roaming the Fair and looking for you! We will be armed with discount coupons and area gift cards to pass out randomly to those we see sporting our Collector's Tees. 





Fun Facts: 

  •  These tees have free shipping and NO TAX (we cover that!)

  • We offer NO INTEREST payments over 6 weeks for anyone who wants it! So go ahead and get your whole family tees for those special memories because time is precious:)

  • These are true Limited Edition, they will NOT be sold after July 31st, we will announce new designs next year. So, if you want a true piece of memorabilia then get to ordering!


So, are you ready to GET YOUR SHIRT?? Follow the links below to find the ones you need!








Official Rules:

Each t-shirt purchase is an automatic entry for the original raffle of $50 gas gift card. There will be one gift card raffled for every 30 tees sold. No social media or enrollment is required for the main giveaway. Winners will be announced on social media August 5th, 2022 and winners will have their cards mailed to the addresses their tees were sent to. Each shirt is an entry, not each order. So, if 5 shirts are within one order, then that is 5 entries for that name.

For the social media giveaways, you MUST be following both The Hopkins County Fair and Blue Chico in order for your post to be entered, and both businesses must be tagged in the posts. Posts must remain up for at least one year afterwards or that social media account will be disqualified from next year's entry. 

For the Walk Around Giveaway on July 30th prizes will be limited to the amount of area donations and given out at random.