Collection: Swimwear

All the latest trends in swimsuits, tanks, tees and flip flops are here!
What sets it apart from the other brands? Three things:
1. Comfort
2. Style
3. Sustainability

Our designs are not only crafted with your utmost comfort in mind, we also utilize recycled fabrics in most styles and provide reversible bikini sets to allow you to get the most for your money. Baked Fresca will be the design your family pulls out the most every season due to its innovative polyester and spandex blend that makes it resistant to repetitive chlorine exposure. So what are you waiting for; start choosing smarter and enjoying your family sun time longer!
Looking for toddler swimwear? We got it.
Kids' Swimwear? We got it.
Youth Swimwear? We got it.
Women's Swimwear? We got it.
Men's Swimwear? We got it.
Plus Size Swimwear? We got it.
You're not truly enjoying your swimwear unless its made by Baked Fresca!

*All Swimwear produced by Baked Fresca is produced on demand and is not mass produced or inventoried. We take our upmost care in creating your items! Please allow 7-14 days from time of purchase until delivery.*