Are you a #BoyMom? I am, and here's how my life changed

Are you a #BoyMom? I am, and here's how my life changed


As far back as I can remember, I dreamed of having a little boy. I dreamed up his blonde hair and exuberant personality when I was in Elementary School, oh the fun we would have one day! I had him named and dressed in jeans and polos shirts in my imagination during middle school. I longed for him in high school when I started to feel Life's heartaches, and I prayed desperately from 22 on when I learned to have children wasn't going to be a probability. Oh, how I longed for a little boy.....

Then, after my first miscarriage (two more would follow in the years after) and many, many desperate prayers, God remembered me when I was 33 and in November of 2016 I gave birth to the little boy who would change my world and fulfill my heart. I dedicated this blog post to him with the poem below. If you are a #BoyMom then you already know the deep love that is coming in lyrical form below.


Little Boy💙

When God made you He remembered Me.
He remembered I liked cuddles,
and adventures and laughs.
He remembered I'd need someone not so clouded by Life to help the days pass.
He remembered I'd forgotten how to love without expectation,
So He gave me YOU without any hesitation.
To kiss me when I cry and hug me when when I'm stressed.
To run to me with giggles when grief presses
down hard on my chest.
He could have made you shorter, heavier, smaller, quieter, louder or even a little bit more tall.
In fact, He could chosen not to give you to me at all.😢
And oh would my world have been quiet.
So utterly and terribly silent.
I'm not quite sure I'd survive it.
No chaos.
No muddy little feet thumping.
No ice cream runs or 2am bed jumping.
No squirt gun fights
Or random piles of sand in the the doggy bowl.
No sweet little words pronounced wrong or excitement over cinnamon rolls.
Oh how He remembered Me when He choose Me to be your Mom.
You think its you who needs Me everyday, Little Boy.....
But I'm the one who's needed you all along.
I love you Little Boy, and I thank God everyday that He remembered Me.


I love you sweet boy, you are the dream fulfilled that

I have held in my heart all of my Life:)


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