What is the warmest winter coat money can buy?

What is the warmest winter coat money can buy?

Well now...what a question! Let's break it down.


If you are looking to hike Mount Everest then you're gonna need a parka to combat the blizzards and avalanches. We don't sell parkas made for that kind of adventure (at least not yet!)

What is the warmest winter coat money can buy? BLUE CHICO!

If you are looking to brave the chilly winds of fall and crisp autumn air...then you need the best hoodie money can buy: and that's a Blue Chico Hoodie.What is the best hoodie money can buy? A BLUE CHICO HOODIE!

BUT....what brought you here was "what is the best winter coat that money can buy"....and we're about to answer that:)

PLOT TWIST.....its a Blue Chico MicroFleece Coat or Cloak

What is the warmest winter coat money can buy? www.bluechico.com

You asked: What winter coat should I buy? Which winter coat is the warmest? Is a winter coat a conductor or insulator? Where to buy a winter coat? And we heard you! Blue Chico's XTRA Warm Microfleece coats and cloaks are GUARANTEED to keep you toasty warm this winter!

No more searching endlessly for "winter coat near me" , "winter coat for men", "winter coat for women", or "best winter coat money can buy" because all those searches stop here.  Our MicroFleece XTRA Warm Coats are the go to this and every winter season!

Common Question:

Q. What is the difference between a winter coat and a parka?

A. Parkas are very well insulated and meant to survive arctic temperatures for extended periods of time. Coats are minimally insulated and meant for very low temperatures for short periods of time. THE AMAZING NEWS? Our Microfleece XTRA Warm coats are a hybrid breed between the two! That's right, you really will stay warm and toasty if you are ever stuck broke down alongside the road in a snowstorm awaiting help or have a lifestyle that requires you to be outside in the winter weather for extended periods of time. We blend premium fleece and polyester into our insulation to ensure the maximum amount of body heat is maintained. You can trust your purchase!

Have someone you love that you want to keep warm this winter? Gift them a MicroFleece XTRA Warm Coat from Blue Chico! 

FREE STANDARD SHIPPING with each purchase and FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING with the purchase of 2 or more. Payment plans for all. This winter, take back your happy and stay warm!

What are you waiting for? www.bluechico.com What is the warmest winter coat money can buy?


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