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Leading Women Contract

Leading Women Contract

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Congratulations on your offer! 

We have been praying for direction from God on who to use to fill these roles.  We have followed each one of your pages for months to watch for your consistency, values and influences in the social media world as Christian and Modest Women. We wanted God to lead us to the women who could LEAD a revolution of Speaking UP for Truth and RISING in their journey towards becoming Proverbs 31 Women. We aren't interested in women who seek fame and limelight at the expense of their morals and values....that is in contrast to what this movement is about....and THAT is why we chose you! Very few invites went out after we watched hundreds of women. 

We need Leading Women who will incite a movement of Holiness and Strength in women across Instagram who are yearning for the backbone to Speak Up and RISE in their Journey to becoming Proverbs 31 Women. 

That is the is the ultimate goal of the Speak UP Woman and RISE Community and we want YOU to help lead it!

God gave me this vision back in September of 2022 and how fitting for it all to be ready at a time when the Asbury Revival is sweeping social media. Ladies, there are women out there LONGING for the spiritual confidence you all display. Have you been praying to be used by God? I have.


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My Testimony: (TRIGGER WARNING: Pregnancy Loss/Blood Loss) 

Please keep scrolling down until you see the bright red STOP button if these two topics are not something you are able to read about right now. 









God saved my life from a deadly miscarriage this summer 2022, it was my fifth one and second life threatening one but this one was no joke. I hemorrhaged for 11.5 hours before they finally took me to surgery. I was not just bleeding, I was birthing blood clots the size of softballs every 5 minutes. My blood levels dropped from 13.6 to a little over 8 and why they did not take me immediately in is beyond me. I was begging God for my life as I watched the color drain from me and my body chill. I have a 6 year old boy at home who has special needs and NEEDS me.  I begged God, I cried. My mom held my hand and prayed and my husband ( who is not a follower of Christ) sat in shock. He did not pray with me, and I will never know what went through his mind because he has never talked about it or any miscarriage I have went through. I was dying in a little room behind a curtain while they took routine surgeries ahead of me only to rush me to surgery when they say me hit transfusion level ( which they never did give me)

I should not be alive Ladies, I should not. The only other time I have begged for my life so profusely was 3 years prior when my tube ruptured and no ER doctor would believe and I hemorrhaged inside for two hours...leading to an extensive C-section to stop the bleeding. 

I should not be here, but God saved me. And all though I have followed him for decades, my view of Him and His Love changed me FOREVER when I woke up ALIVE from that surgery this past June. I handed all my worldly dreams to Him and said "My Life for my Life Lord. That is my promise to You." Meaning, you gave me the gift of My Life when I was dying and now, I am giving that gift back to You to use in any way you want. 

A few months later he dropped the idea of Speak Up Woman and Rise in my heart. It began as a blog, but something felt less than. I couldn't put a finger on it. Then I felt Him tell me to make it a movement and suddenly I felt so small. How am I supposed to do that Lord? I am not a celebrity. And I felt Him tell me He would provide the women to lead it. So, I began to pray and watch social media. Some of the women I began watching were flashy and drew lots of drama and attention to their page under the guise of Christianity. I felt The Holy Ghost tell me that those women were not the leaders for this movement; they have their place in the Kingdom but not for the Speak Up and Rise Movement. So, I kept praying and watching and marking women off my list. 

Until I came to the few who are reading this. God led me to you. And I can honestly say that I KNOW you have praying for guidance in your spiritual walk to be used by God for greater things because the Greatest Power there is (God Himself) lead me to you. 

You see, I know HE didn't just save from death because I pleaded for Him to (although that was a very huge part of it), He saved me so that I could on and help some other woman who has been through a life-threatening miscarriage find her Hope again. Infertility is not just a physical condition, it's a mental and emotional degrading of a woman overtime and it's so very easy to be mad at God because the Bible tells us HE is the one in charge of creating Life; but we can't allow a human experience (regardless of how painful) distract us from the eternal goal. I was so low after that loss, so low. I had to go on medication just to function throughout the day. I was scared to ever get pregnant again, yet I could not stop grieving my desire for more children. I felt very alone and forgotten.....until one day God picked me up and showed me that He had a purpose for my pain.

 That is where the Proverbs 31 Woman journey in Speak Up and Rise comes in.


Women like me (and maybe even you) can speak to the broken who long for more or even any children and who need to remember who God really is and how Life is unfortunately painful without rhyme or reason. He gave me a testimony to help save another woman from throwing in the towel.

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(The trigger post has been completed, you may read on safely now)


YOU have a purpose for your pain as well. Maybe you have overcome a rough relationship, eating disorder, infertility, a painful death of someone close to you, abuse, insecurities or whatever it is that stays in the back of your mind. YOU have a voice in that pain to speak to thousands of women online. God has purposed your pain as a help for others! You can be the help you needed yourself when you were low. 

 So let's do this. Let's do this big. Let's help the women out there who want to Speak Up for their Faith and RISE and need fellow Sisters who have walked where they are in a journey to becoming a Proverbs 31 Woman.


Benefits you will receive.

  • 1/3 of all membership fees collected under your own referrals monthly. Membership is set at an affordable $3 monthly. (This ensures even the most financially stressed woman who wants to participate can.) This puts your referrals at $1.00 for each member each month. If you have a dedicated following and are able to bring 1,000 people then that is $1,000 earned through your referral to the Community. As your audience builds so do your profits. You aren't selling anything, no one needs to buy merchandise from you, they only need to join the community (which is set to be a pretty powerful community!)Free Merch with every new design through the Community. Each month will see a new design and YOU will be the first to snag it! We'll even give you store credit so you can shop outside the line as well. 

  • 5% of all membership fees outside of your referrals monthly. We will be utilizing the membership costs without referrals to account for the store credits members obtain, free merch for members as well as site costs. We know people may come to the Community from seeing your page but not click on your link so we want to account for that. This is 15 cents for every referral. Sounds small but if 1,000 people sign up with no referral link then you earn an extra $150 that month for being one of our Leading Women who brought them here. 

  • $10 bonus when you post any of our merch on social media outside of the Community's posts. This means if you find a design you like that is not linked to the Proverbs 31 Line and post it tagging our business then we compensate you for that. This bonus is valid for 3x each design you promote and then you must choose another design to promote. Our business HAS to be tagged in your photo or reel (not just the description) in order to claim this bonus. You will receive Store Credits to purchase items you want outside the Speak UP Women and Rise Community Page. As our Community grows we plan to increase this bonus amount.



What is required of you:


  • Pray about what you are posting for us. No denomination solicitation is allowed, but Godly doctrine and salvation straight from the Bible is encouraged. We want our Community Members fed the Word of God in addition to gleaning hope from your personal lives on display. 

  • Minimum of 2 blog posts and 2 videos (3 minutes and under please each) weekly. You may write/film more if you feel lead to; however if you write or post an excessive amount more than another Leading Woman then we may postdate your submissions so that our mix stays relatively even; but we will not turn your posts away when we know you've prayed about what to post!

  • Start-up of 6 blog posts and 6 videos before the launch in order to have our site ready by March 31st. We want our Community running by Easter! THIS marks whether our launch and your ability to earn money is successful or not; the content on our site.  When people come to our Community for the first time we want them to feel like they are home; that they have truly found the community of women that understand them via our blog posts, videos and chat rooms. We are building a COMMUNITY that we hope will take over the internet in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

  • A short bio and nice picture that we can feature on the landing page

  • Participate in a monthly conference call so that we can stay on track with the movement and where we ALL see it heading or events we need to plan. 

  • Complete a W4 for tax purposes since wages are expected to exceed $600 a month. This makes tax filing for you and us easier at the end of the year since we are business. We will take taxes out for you if you opt to do that. 

  • Minimum of One Weekly "Sneak Peak" post at a blog or video you have created on Instagram tagging our business @bluechicoofficial and promoting the program. 

Questions you may ask:

1. Why make this a members only club and not an open page?

Simply put, it helps others when money is involved. My main page is the backbone of Blue Chico. I use a portion of my funds to help those in need AND if I have money coming in, then I can compensate my Leading Women as well, which is Biblical:

“You shall not oppress a hired worker who is poor and needy, whether he is one of your brothers or one of the sojourners who are in your land within your towns. You shall give him his wages on the same day, before the sun sets (for he is poor and counts on it), lest he cry against you to the Lord, and you be guilty of sin. 1 Timothy 5:18

And really, with this pandemic and these egg prices, who isn't needy?LOL! You deserve compensation for the work you are going to provide, its biblical. 

2. How long is my contract?

Your contract is for a year, and renews every year with a new application.

3. How will I be paid?

You will be paid monthly, on the last day of the month, via Venmo. We have chosen Venmo because of the strong security measures they have in place.

4. How will I know how many referrals I have each month?

Just as you receive a paycheck stub from your physical job counting your hours, we will provide a breakdown every month of how where your payments came from; referrals, main customer bank, bonuses etc.

5. How many store credits will I receive every month?

Unfortunately for the Leading Women we have to cap the store credits at 25 monthly. You can save them up month after month if you wish or use them monthly. Our referral platform is set up to pay store credits for each referral and with the capacity you ladies have to literally bring in thousands each month, it would bankrupt the Community by means of free merch. The store credits make the merch free for you, but we still have to pay for production and shipping, so we have to limit your monthly freebies. So you will see your credits regulated by us each month. This does NOT affect your Speak up and Rise Merch, that is separate. 

6. How much will I make a month?

That is not something we can predict, but if you promote this as a community and appeal to your followers the benefits that $3 a month will provide them in their emotional, spiritual and mental health journey as a Proverbs 31 Woman then we would assume around 5-10% would sign up the first month and build from there. That is a mere assumption based on statistics covering social media following and active participation. Remember, it's an exclusive Community you are encouraging them to join, one that will change their lives for the best! Imagine how many depressed and soul sick women you can bring to Christ through your social media page and this Community? God gave you wisdom, experiences and the ability to do this. You can change lives with what you have to say in this Community. 

7. Can I preview the site to see what the Community looks like?

YES! As the main Leading Woman I have already began putting together some of my blogs and will be uploading my videos soon. This Community is being built BY us Leading Women and engaged with by our Community Members. You may sign up for free using the promo code LEAD. Please do not share this code, it is meant for Leading Women only. If you choose not to work with us then your free membership will be removed but if you would like to be a Leading Women your membership remains free as long as you are creating with us!

This is the sign up page

Membership Page

Once signed up and logged in you will be able to see the Community page and see all the great outlets we are creating for women! From blogs, to video series to chat rooms designed to cater to their needs and where they are in Life. 

 8. How do I submit my blogs and videos? 

Once you are a Leading Women you will have access to our site in certain areas where you can post directly. I will train you on how to use the site during a Live Call. 

 9. Why am I only receiving 1/3 of my referral income? 
Simply put, to ensure the Community does not financially implode upon itself. Store Credits and discounts are given in this Community to its members, as well as giveaways. All the profits from the memberships fuel this and make the Community self-sufficient. We offer the Store Credits and Bonuses to you in hopes that you will purchase merch outside the movement and promote our store, bringing us more sales/community members and giving us a wider financial edge to stand on for the Community to flourish. I would LOVE to be able to give away the most amount of merch possible to get our Community name out in the public eye, but it takes funds to do so. Trust us, as we grow, we WILL readjust our payouts to reflect that. It's just business and truly not personal. 

10. When will I receive my first free merch?

We will send you a code for a free Speak UP and Rise tee as soon as you application is complete. It should arrive at your door in 7-10 business days. Please wear it in your first promo reel or post on Instagram and ALWAYS tag us @bluechicoofficial. New designs roll out every month, you will receive your code two weeks before each design launch so that you can order yours in time. 






1. Put this "product" (this post) in your cart and proceed to purchase. This flags us to watch our emails for your app and W4. This product is set to ZERO so it will not cost anything, its just a preliminary.

2,. Fill out the W4 attached here. You will need to print it out and either mail it to us directly @ Roberta Escobar, 20 N Jefferson St, Worthington, IN 47471 or scan it back in and email it to us @ roberta.escobar@thegivebacklife

2. Send us an email @ with the completed app here by Feb 28th.


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