Collection: Wedding Bag

The perfect bag for your perfect day!


Need a getaway bag for all that wedding cash? A trendy tote to take on the honeymoon? The cutest bag EVER to help you remember your special day? Our 2023 Mr. & Mrs. Memorabilia bag is PERFECT for you!

What makes it so daggone special??
Girl, listen:

-Its huge. Baby girl, this thing can fit 4 gallons of milk in it.

•Its made of 100% polyester- meaning these colors aren't fading ever and you can just toss it in the wash whenever you need to! How absolutely convenient after a sandy honeymoon or a weekend getaway where maybe the hotel wasn't all that swanky and you need to "purge" everything you took. (we've all been there!) Can't throw a suitcase in the wash! This bag NEEDS to be yours before the Big Day.

• Hold up to 44lbs (20kg). That is a whole lot of seashells.....or three bowling balls.
However you want to count it! This bag is made to last. Use it, its made for it.

• Large inside pocket- Did we mention this is HUGE?

• Comfortable cotton webbing handles

• Vibrant colors that won't fade

This bag is built to last. Imagine passing this down to your grandkids one day and how special that will be! Durable. Sustainable....and at your door in 7-10 days with FREE SHIPPING. This Memorabilia Bag is exact bag for your big day!